Healthsfirst Healthcare & Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is established with a vision to provide quality and affordable health services to all levels of customers. Our Networks of authorized, trained and equipped collection centers serve through a very strong IT and Logistics. Healthsfirst Diagnostics prides itself as India’s first fully automated clinical chemistry laboratory with a focus on providing quality results at affordable costs to clients like laboratories, doctors, hospitals and organizations as well as patients from across the country and abroad. Our mission is “Your Healthy life is our first priority. Our systems ensure that right tests are done on the right specimen, and right results are delivered to the right people at the right time and right cost. Not only does barcoding ensure error-free reporting, it also helps in curtailing the time consumed or lost in preanalytical procedures and offers a smooth, hassle free and efficient operation.The endeavor of Healthsfirst Diagnostics has always been that to provide utmost quality in every stage of service – right from collection of sample to processing to delivery of reports. Our systems, processes, man-power and IT ensure the highest level of perfection and timely efficacy in each delivery. Healthsfirst Diagnostics is well equipped latest laboratory equipment and other diagnostic facilities with molecular lab for Covid-19 at the moment and we aim at extending to PCR test for emerging and re-emerging diseases in future.This is made possible by our
strong logistics network of Healthsfirst Diagnostics whose well coordinated efforts ensure that the samples reach the Central Lab-Delhi every night, same night, before mid-night. These are meticulously collected, collated, checked for sample integrity, temperature and other aspects of Pre-analytical Quality Control and then stored appropriately. Healthsfirst Diagnostics is located at Delhi, which is accessible for customers, staff and consultants. We are proud ourselves on our excellent and clean environment. As a head of the organization, I can assure everyone that our reputation always remains remarkable and provide excellence in lab/clinics and Hospitals services.

On the behalf of the team, I welcome you at Healthsfirst Diagnostics !